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2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

The dynamic new Ford Tourneo Custom will offer users a more stylish and car-like people mover when its goes on sale in Europe and other global markets in late 2012.

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom
2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

With its dramatic new appearance, car-like interior design and driving dynamics, smart technologies and outstanding fuel economy, the Ford Tourneo Custom is expected to attract a new generation of personal use, lifestyle and executive shuttle customers.

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom
2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

"The all-new Tourneo Custom offers the kind of style and performance which will have a very broad appeal, particularly to personal use customers looking for a spacious and versatile vehicle," said Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe. "It's a fantastic-looking people mover - inside and out - and offers outstanding day-to-day, real world practicality as well as being great to drive."

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom
2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

Dynamic new design
With its advanced, streamlined appearance, the Ford Tourneo Custom embodies the same dynamic character as Ford's kinetic design passenger cars - generating a strong sense of movement, even when the vehicle is standing still.

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom
2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

"We set out to create a design with clean, futuristic lines and a real sense of occasion," said Paul Campbell, CV chief designer, Ford of Europe. "With its sportier stance, bold rising shoulder line and flush glazing, the Ford Tourneo Custom brings something fresh and exciting to this class of people mover."

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom
2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

Signature kinetic design features help to give the Ford Tourneo Custom its unique character, including the bold trapezoidal grille, strong and muscular shoulder line, prominent wheel lips and window lines with the distinctive kick at the rear.

2013 Ford Tourneo Custom
2013 Ford Tourneo Custom

Available in eight or nine seat configurations, Ford Tourneo Custom offers a choice of a 2933 mm short wheelbase version (SWB - 4.97 metres overall length), and a 3300 mm long wheelbase (LWB - 5.34 metres overall length), both of which provide generous space for people and luggage. The additional length of the LWB version translates into extra luggage space behind the third seat row.

At a height of less than two metres, the Ford Tourneo Custom also comfortably complies with most car park height limits. This advantage is retained when the vehicle is fitted with the innovative deployable integrated roof rack system, which is seamlessly integrated into the roof, and can easily be raised or lowered when required.

Ford Tourneo Custom models offer twin side sliding doors as standard, with running boards below the doors for improved low level step access, as well as a strong visual differentiation. A liftgate is fitted as standard at the rear.

Versatile car-like interior
The Ford Tourneo Custom also brings car-like style and sophistication to the people-mover segment with an all-new interior constructed with high quality materials. The stylish, sculpted driver-focussed instrument panel features technologies closely-related to those found in the Ford car range. The cockpit is further enhanced by a highly adjustable driving position with the steering column adjustable for reach and rake.

The seats in the two rear seating rows are a completely new design that can be easily folded into multiple configurations and removed in segments or completely - in total there are over 30 seating permutations to suit any occasion. All seating positions provide integral 3-point lap and shoulder style seat belts.

Rear passengers enjoy a spacious environment and a comfortable, fully-trimmed cabin. A choice of stylish, hard-wearing seat materials is available, including full leather upholstery in an attractive medium stone colour which enhances the feeling of space and light. Passenger car multi-person vehicle features including integral side window blinds are available as an option.

All new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems offer much improved airflow and performance, with the option of a separate air conditioning unit for the rear compartment.

Ford Tourneo Custom customers can select from a choice trim series. In addition to the generously equipped standard model, Ford also others a Trend version and the range-topping Limited variant.

Smart vehicle technologies
The Ford Tourneo Custom has been engineered to offer a comprehensive range of smart new vehicle technologies, which are shared with Ford's latest passenger cars.

The technologies range from advanced driver assistance and low-CO2 technologies, to the latest comfort and convenience features. The highlights include:
  • SYNC voice-activated, in-car connectivity system - enables mobile phones and music players to be connected to the vehicle, and operated by voice control
  • Emergency Assistance - enabled by SYNC, this award-winning new feature is designed to assist occupants to contact the Emergency Services in the event of an accident, providing vehicle location information
  • Latest Ford audio/navigation systems - a choice of integrated audio systems, with options including CD audio systems with DAB tuners, and a premium system with satellite navigation combined with a 5-inch multifunction display.
  • Lane Keeping Alert, Driver Alert - latest driver assistance features alert the driver if the system detects the vehicle is inadvertently drifting out of the lane, or the driver is becoming tired behind the wheel.
  • Auto High Beam - switches the headlamps automatically between high beam and dipped beam, maximising visibility and avoiding the distraction of switching the lamps manually
  • Speed Limiter - allows drivers to set their own personal speed limit, using enhanced Cruise Control switches on the steering wheel
  • Rear-view camera - with display integrated into the rear view mirror
  • ECOnetic Technologies - Ford's advanced low-CO2 features including standard Auto-Start-Stop and Smart Regenerative Charging on all Stage V emission vehicles

Outstanding driving dynamics and refinement
The Ford Tourneo Custom brings a new level of car-like driver appeal to its segment, with dynamics and performance which have been carefully tuned to reflect the same natural and easy-to-drive character which customers appreciate on Ford's car range.

Engineers have developed the new Ford global platform which underpins the Ford Tourneo Custom to make it much stiffer and stronger - increasing torsional stiffness by as much as 37 percent - benefitting both handling and noise levels.

Meticulous tuning of the suspension components and steering system has resulted in significantly improved ride comfort, along with more precise and agile handling. Like the new Ford Focus, the Tourneo Custom also features the latest Electronic Stability Program technology with Torque Vectoring Control for enhanced traction and stability.

The stiffer structure, together with a comprehensive effort to eliminate unwanted noise and vibrations throughout the vehicle, has resulted in a quieter environment for both the driver - with speech intelligibility improved by 9 percent within the front cabin - and the passengers travelling in the rear compartment.

Maximised occupant protection
To maximise occupant protection, the Ford Tourneo Custom features an optimised body structure which features ultra-high-strength Boron steel for the first time on a Tourneo model. In total, over 40 percent of the body is made from high-strength or ultra-high-strength steels, resulting in a strong and light body which is designed to offer high levels of crash protection.

The new vehicle also features an enhanced restraint system which provides curtain airbags as standard for the front seat occupants, together with driver and passenger airbags and seat-mounted side thorax airbags. As on Ford's latest passenger cars, a non-axial stroking steering column is also now fitted, to help reduce loads on the occupant's head and chest in the event of a high speed frontal impact.

The Ford Tourneo Custom is also the first new vehicle in its class to have been developed considering the latest Euro NCAP Protocol for pedestrian protection, which sets tough new standards for the assessment of pedestrian safety for heavy vehicles.

Exceptional fuel economy
The powertrain is an improved version of Ford's latest 2.2-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine which combines outstanding performance and refinement with exceptional fuel efficiency.

The Ford Tourneo Custom is available with three power ratings: 100 PS, 125 PS and 155 PS. Featuring a six-speed manual transmission and standard Auto-Start-Stop, the powertrain delivers class-leading fuel consumption of 6.5 l/100 km (43.5 mpg) and 172 g/km CO2 emissions.

For the new model, the engine has been further optimised to improve fuel economy, driveability and emissions. There is a completely new engine calibration to suit the unique characteristics of the vehicle, minimising fuel consumption and enhancing torque output and responsiveness.

The Ford Tourneo Custom has been engineered to deliver outstanding functionality, durability and low cost of ownership, including an economical two year/50,000 km (30,000 mile) service interval.

"We have combined car-like levels of performance, comfort and specification with enhanced practicality and reduced running costs," said Barry Gale, chief engineer, Ford of Europe. "This stylish vehicle with genuine ability will enhance Ford's reputation for long-term durability and value."

Production of the new Tourneo Custom will start from mid-2012 at Ford's plant in Kocaeli, Turkey, with market availability later in the year.

New Ford Tourneo Custom Offers Innovative Versatility and Stylish Interior
The versatile new Ford Tourneo Custom offers added appeal to both business and leisure customers with its innovative vehicle features and stylish interior design.
Buyers looking for a flexible people carrier will welcome innovations including the versatile new seating system and the integrated deployable roof rack, which allow the vehicle to be configured quickly and easily to suit the needs of every journey.

Both private customers and business buyers will also appreciate the quality of design and craftsmanship throughout the interior, which combines a car-like driving environment with a comfortable, fully-trimmed rear compartment which has the look and feel of a modern multi-person vehicle.

"The Tourneo Custom brings car-like style and sophistication to the people-mover segment," said Ulf Roentgen, Interior Design Manager, Ford of Europe. "With a flexible interior, executed in high-quality materials, the new model has a noticeably premium feel."

Imaginative rear seating design
The two rear-seating rows in the Ford Tourneo Custom use a completely new and imaginative design which enables the seats to be easily folded into multiple configurations and removed in segments or completely.

Each of the three-seat rows is configured as single and dual seat sections that can each fold separately, and are light enough to be easily removed. The folding mechanism allows the seat backs to fold flat, creating a work area or picnic tray, and then tumble forward completely, so they can be stored vertically, thus releasing extra floor space for luggage.

In total, the two rear seat rows can be adjusted into over 30 different permutations, enabling the rear compartment to be configured for each journey to suit any combination of passengers and luggage.

Customers are able to specific a recline feature for the rear seats and an armrest on the outer seats on the second row as options.
All seating positions provide integral 3-point lap and shoulder style seat belts, with a driver's seat belt minder fitted as standard. ISOFix child seat attachment points are available on the two inner seats on the second row and the centre seat on the third row, with top tether mounts for extra security.

Innovative roof rack system
The flexible load-carrying ability of the Ford Tourneo Custom is further enhanced by a unique new deployable roof rack system which is seamlessly integrated into the roof.

Available as an option, the system features three transverse roof bars which are located in recesses in the roof panel, and which can be deployed when required. The roof rack system is capable of carrying substantial loads of up to 130kg, making it suitable for a wide variety of business or leisure equipment.

When the roof rack is not in use, the cross bars can be quickly folded down, reducing drag and fuel consumption, creating a smarter appearance, and keeping the vehicle height under two metres for access through car park height restrictions.

For flexible access to the rear compartment, Ford Tourneo Custom models offer twin side sliding doors as standard, with running boards below the doors which provide improved low level step access. A hinged liftgate is fitted as standard at the rear.

Car-like interior with superior quality and craftsmanship
Within both the front and rear compartment, the Tourneo Custom brings a more premium, car-like appearance to the people-mover segment with an all-new interior constructed with high quality materials.

The interior design is stylish and modern, adopting the more expressive design language found in Ford's latest kinetic design passenger cars.

The front cabin has a car-like, driver-focused feel, with the characteristic sculpted shapes and bold graphics which are key elements of kinetic design. Features like the distinctive trapezoidal shapes of the instrument binnacle and the wing-like form of the instrument panel give the cockpit a unique and very contemporary appearance.

In the rear compartment, passengers enjoy a spacious environment and a comfortable, fully-trimmed cabin, with carpeted floors and stylish flush-fitted trim panels which are similar to those typically found in a modern multi-seat car. Other passenger car features, like side window blinds integrated into the door trim, are available as an option.

A choice of stylish, hard-wearing seat materials is available, with high-series models offering the option of full leather upholstery in an attractive medium stone colour, creating a highly luxurious ambience and enhancing the feeling of space and light.

To complement the more stylish design, the interior was developed with a rigorous focus on quality and craftsmanship, to ensure that the cabin materials combined typical Tourneo durability and toughness with a more premium, car-like appearance.

Throughout the cabin, the fit and finish of components has been significantly improved, with reduced tolerances and tighter radii. The choice and execution of materials follows the practices used on Ford's latest passenger cars, with distinctive accents used to highlight design details, yet offering good durability to withstand day-to-day usage.

An example of the superior material quality is found in the instrument panel, which uses a specially developed synthetic material with a soft feel and a sophisticated grain pattern designed to match the leather used in Ford's car lines. This material combines low gloss levels, creating a perception of softness, with outstanding durability and resistance to marking.

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