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Wishes You a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Some say that editors and contributors on this site have petrol instead of blood flowing in their veins and that they’d rather show you the new Ferrari F150 or the Corvette C7 than spend a night with a bunch of Victoria’s Secret angels.

Car Christmas

All we know is that everyone here at wishes you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and that we will be taking some time off today (don't worry, we've planned some stories) before resuming normal operations.

Car Christmas

Before we bid thee farewell and warn you to drive safely and, in case you intend to have a drink or two, designate a driver or just leave your car keys at home, there’s some breaking news we’d like to share with you.

Car Christmas

It seems that Ford and Toyota can’t stop competing with each other even on Christmas day.

The reason is that they both think that a reindeer-powered sleigh is an outdated way for Santa Claus to deliver his presents, so they’ve gone ahead and built him a new means of transportation.

Ford’s idea of Santa’s new vehicle is a 2014 Transit Connect Wagon sleigh complete with a 30 mpg-plus EcoBoost engine and what the Blue Oval claims is an industry-leading presents per gallon (ppp) rating (pending EPA certification and, perhaps more crucially, Consumer Reports testing).

“You really can’t beat this new sleigh,” said chief engineer Darren Goddard. “It offers outstanding fuel economy without sacrificing power. It even offers an electric windshield defroster, making short work of icy windshields in wintry conditions. So, if there’s a foggy Christmas Eve, we won’t need a red-nosed reindeer to guide Santa around the world.”

Lexus, on the other hand, claims that its LFLC, which stands for Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser and should not be confused with the LF-LC concept that was unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show, was the vehicle of choice for Santa after his reindeer left for vacation in Hawaii and left him without a ride.

“When we got the call from Santa we immediately sprang into action”, said Lexus General Manager Mark Templin. “We couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the big guy high and dry. Our elves and engineers are proud to introduce the ‘Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser’ or LFLC for short.”

The LFLC comes fully loaded with safety and comfort specification and is powered by a new version of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system developed especially for the occasion. The standard EV mode allows Santa to land quietly on rooftops, while the 800 reindeer-power allows for quick transportation, while its emissions are less than a single reindeer.

Meanwhile, BMW didn’t bother with Santa Claus at all. It just asked the Zurich Acapella Group to sing the Christmas Song during a little ride in an M135i xDrive with a certain fellow named Martin Tomczyk, who drives for BMW in the DTM for a living.

You can watch what the Munich-based company says is "the fastest Christmas Song in the world" in the video that follows…right after the eggnog. 

Articles Source : Carscoop